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Asbestos Abatement

The safety of your family and employees is not something to take lightly – many buildings older than 1991 contain harmful materials like asbestos that need to be removed in a safe, industry-tested manner to protect everyone on residential, commercial or industrial properties. If you suspect that asbestos is present in your building or you need an asbestos clearance letter for approved demolitions, call us to have testing done. In the event it tests positive, we will provide you with a free estimate for removal.
Not a lot of people realize that asbestos is not just present in ceiling materials, as is commonly stated. Asbestos can actually be found in roofing materials and gutters, pipe insulation, fireplaces, stucco, textured ceilings, drywall joints and certain flooring materials as well. If disturbed, dust or particles from the asbestos is carcinogenic (cancer-causing) and can cause severe physical symptoms following exposure. Don’t put yourself and others at risk – leave asbestos removal to us, the professionals.
We know that when working with asbestos, we should be properly protected which includes wearing disposable protective clothing and using respiratory equipment with adequate HEPA filters to prevent contamination. Asbestos materials that are removed from a premise cannot be thrown directly in the garbage. Capital BMR guarantees that all materials will be safely disposed of in proper bagging and sent to an approved asbestos landfill. Transportation after sealing the bags includes placing the items in hermetically-sealed transport containers to ensure that none of the materials can contaminate the surrounding area or become airborne.

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