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Construction is always a great reason to call Capital BMR. If you are in the process of building a new office for your company we can install your electrical system to city, state and federal regulations. Our services are reliable and will last many years without the need for repair.


Calling an electrician for wiring is a smart move if your business recently added an addition or purchased an older building. We can safely run new wiring through your building or repair faulty wiring that is old and outdated without damaging the rest of your office space.

Energy Saving Consultation

If you suspect that your company is wasting money on energy, our technician can suggest energy-saving units for your business. Wireless lighting controls and energy-efficient light bulbs are just a few of the options you can choose from with the help of a local electrician.

Defective Lighting

Blinking lights? Faulty thermostat? Your local electrician can remedy these problems with ease. Sometimes defective lighting is the result of a hard-to-reach bulb going out or a deeper issue with the wiring. An experienced professional can detect any problems and have your lights back on in no time.


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